Monday, 23 June 2014

ombre nail art with shells and gems

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog and very first post.

I created this design using sinfulcolors polish and a make up sponge a make up sponge.First you need to put a base colour down i used a snow me white by sinfulcolors.Once the base is dry take what ever colors you like i used 2 though you can use as many as you like the colors i used are be happy and daredevil both from the sinfulcolors range.If your from the UK you can find them from  boots.Taking your make up sponge apply a line of the palest color to the sponge and repeat next to it using the next color going from light to dark as to avoid mixing your polish,gently dab onto your nail and keep repeating until you have a solid colour you want.Once dry apply a top coat fo your choice I use seche vite then the colors will blend into each other.

To decorate i used some nail gems i picked up in my local craft store and shells from also some twisted rings from both sites are really good for nail art supplies and both have free worldwide shipping and you can spend as little as 10p and it will still be posted for free.

You can use nail glue or top coat to apply your gems ect i go by the rule if they are gel or acrylic nails i will use nail glue as you do get longer lasting gems but if i have just painted my nails then i use top coat as the glue can ruin your nails just apply a small amount each time to where you want your nail art to be dont try to do the whole nail at once as the top coat or glue will dry before you can finish.If using top coat i find it best to apply another top coat every other day just to seal then gem stones and make them last that bit longer.

If you would like to see a tutorial on me doing these nails then please check out my you tube channel you will find plenty of nail related videos from hauls to tutorials

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