Thursday, 19 February 2015

Swatching my lecente glitters

I have been super excited to test out my new glitters I bought from creative academy Manchester last week but have just been too busy to have a play until yesterday.

When I got all set up and ready to start I noticed i only had a few nail pops left (note to self must order more). I really didn't want to put all my stuff away not doing anything and at that moment I had a light bulb I could paint the pops half white (cream puff ) and half black,(blackpool) this way I still got to see the different effects on a light and dark background. It worked out well and I think in the future I will do this as saves time, products and you ain't got a million and one pops to share.

The first glitter is from the stardust collection and it's called galaxy this gives a full coverage and reminds me of the additives range there was only a slight difference on the black to white. The second colour is light copper I love this one especially over the black I also did this glitter over rubble (not pictured tho sorry) it was so nice a really good match. The third glitter is golden white you can really see a huge difference on the black and white, on the white it gives a real snow like feeling where as on the black it's green golden colour. The forth colour is bordeaux it's a really deep pink but over the black it did give a tinge of purple. The final colour in the above picture is trixie this is one of my all time favorite's and again looks fantastic over rubble (I do feel rubble is left out and a little understated) it has lots of different colours in it but the main colour is a brown.

The first glitter in above picture is im yours I wouldn't say this is a favourite of mine but I'm not a pink girly tho lots of people love pink so I had to have one in my collection saying that tho I do love it over the black as it gives a purple tone to it. The next one is showgirl I love this one as it's mainly purple but it as other speckles of other colour's to. The third one is gun metal this looks so good under blue rapture tho it is fab over the blackpool. The forth one is violet I got this as one of my regular clients loves purple and glittery shine things but wasn't keen on showgirl so I can't wait for her next appointment to see if she approves of this tone I'm sure she will love it as much as me. The final one is ocean spray I love love love this one as it's totally me as my Fav colours are blues and greens well this gives me best of both worlds I can see me going through this like there's no tomorrow.

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